Texas rock band Twisted Throttle is made up of veteran musicians originally from the Southeast Texas area. It’s an area rich with musical history and tradition, featuring a unique blend of artists spanning Rock, Blues, Cajun, Country and Swamp-Pop. Twisted Throttle features the ultra-talented lead vocalist Mindy Bell, local guitar hero Aaron Williams, long-time veteran Nathan Currie on Drums, and "Brother" Ben Sanders, everyone's favorite person and “lead” bassist. Formed in late 2017, the band’s unique song list and rock attitude have made a huge splash in a short period of time.


“Our goal with this project was first, to have fun, and second, to build a song list from scratch. With Mindy’s vocal abilities, and Aaron’s bad-assery on the guitar, we’re able to perform songs that you won’t hear at other shows”, according to Currie. “Sometimes when we’re rehearsing, despite many years of playing with other bands, I still smile and can’t believe we’re playing some of the music we have on the list. It’s a real treat and I don’t think any of us have been this excited about a project in a long time”.


The sound of the band is high energy rock, covering the biggest artists like Heart, Boston, Guns n Roses, Sheryl Crow and Van Halen, all the way over to blues artists like Beth Hart and Joss Stone, and even newer artists like Halestorm. Aaron adds rock-God themes with his library of songs spanning Ozzy to The Toadies. The variety, uniqueness of the song list, and high-energy makes a Twisted Throttle show interesting and a blast to watch.

“We like that the audience doesn’t know what’s coming next, and a lot of times we might not either”, remarks Aaron. Along with the great song list, the band regularly brings a “big concert” attitude to each show they do. “We want every show to be a showcase, not just another show. That’s why we’ve been limiting our club appearances, and, instead, focusing on festivals, rallies, and bigger events”, said Currie. It shows in their performance, stage set, and the energetic atmosphere the band creates at every venue.


Ben Sanders, the bassists, says “The thing about this band that’s different from other groups I’ve been a part of is the attention to detail. We’re all rock & roll people at heart, we really love it, and we want that to show through with the respect we’re giving each song”, says Sanders. When watching Twisted Throttle, it’s evident that a lot of rehearsal time and thought has gone into the shows. The approach has paid off, as several of the videos from the shows having gone viral on social media. “We’ve been truly amazed at the response”, Currie said.

Twisted Throttle’s guitarist, Aaron Williams, is well known around southeast Texas, having won the local “Guitar Gods” competition put on by the local rock station, Big Dog 106. Aaron’s amazing guitar heroics mesh well with the unbelievable lead vocal abilities of Mindy Bell, who has been a fixture in the local music scene in recent years. Even with the unusual number of musical virtuosos around the area, Tompkins’ vocals stand out. “I’ve played all over the nation, on the road and off, and I’ve never heard vocals like Mindy’s. I knew when I heard her sing the first time that I wanted to be in a band with her”, says Currie.


After launching late in 2017, it’s apparent that Twisted Throttle is a unique, versatile band that has made a huge splash in a short period of time. “It all comes down to love and respect,’ remarks Nathan, ‘for us, we love the music, each other and we all couldn’t be happier to be in this new project. It’s different than anything else we’ve done before, and based on the response we’re getting, we think the audience digs it too! We couldn’t be happier and we hope that everyone that comes out to our shows feels the same”.


The band had an incredible first year together. After the first few shows, word spread like wildfire, and Twisted Throttle ended up performing all over the state of Texas, and in September of 2018, was asked to perform for the American Music Festival in Sasebo, Japan for the US Navy. Spanning 2 shows, the band performed for thousands of Japanese and Americans, all to rave reviews. The band made lifelong friends on the trip, and all agreed it was a blessing to be able to perform, especially during the first year together.

Joining the band as a special guest, the band partnered with AJ Vallejo for the trip. AJ also produced the first single, for Twisted Throttle, "How You Like Me Now", which was released on Spotify and Itunes in October of 2018. Finally, the band rounded out the year with private events, rallies and festivals.


Anyone interested in booking the band can find them on their facebook page at www.facebook.com/twistedthrottletx, or by calling their booking agent at 409-543-9618.

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